Sovereign States of Mind explores the many principles of sovereignty and how they can be practiced. Join me, Jordan Urbs, on my own journey to become more autonomous over the things I can control, and surrendered to those which I cannot. I talk to people from all walks of life about different ways the practice of personal sovereignty expresses itself and how we can apply them to ourselves.

The podcast originally started off as an extension of the A Family in Paradise channel on YouTube, where my family and I were trying to document our developing off-grid homesteading efforts. As long-form content, the conversations were meant to go deeper into certain topics regarding the practice of sovereignty as individuals, families, and communities.

However, SSoM quickly became my main focus and full-time project. I get to produce, host, and distribute the information that is the most important to me, providing unique value to others in the process. As you would hear me say on the topic of creator sovereignty, it's also a great way for my personal brand to build trust with you, the audience!

I invite you to subscribe to the Sovereign States of Mind mailing list to keep updated with the show (for the busy, we let a fancy AI transcribe conversations into digestible blog posts), or even my own personal newsletter, where I share my personal story along with the content I'm creating.

Ways To Support The Show

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What is Sovereignty?

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Sovereign States of Mind

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